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“Heal-Thy-Ish Because You're Always in Season”

Heal : to Make well again : to restore to health

Thy : of or relating to thee or thyself especially as possessor or agent or as object of an action

Ish : of, relating to, or being.

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Rustic Kitchen

About The Plant_Ed_Pescatarian

Hello.. I am The Savory Sydnor aka the Plant_Ed_Pescatarian. After several years of hitting the gym and a few home workouts later it was clear that the results just weren't coming without a nutritional change.  There was only one problem.. although I knew my way around the kitchen, I wasn't always preparing the healthiest meals.  As the years passed and I became more fluid with converting the meals that I was used to eating into much healthier plant based versions, I decided I needed to share for others who may be in the same situation. 

I hope you find inspiration and Heal-Thy-Ish through healthyish foods and fitness.

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